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Based agency in Monroe North Carolina, we help flooring & carpet companies like you get.
exceptional high-quality leads with Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies with the help of AI to connect you with genuine clients that don't waste your time, ensuring your business thrives, let us handle the leads.
Relax as we guide clients seeking quotes to your business, so you can focus on growing your business, not in the business.



Assemble Content

We begin by collecting relevant information about your target audience, competitors and visuals that naturally demonstrate your expertise and skill. This data will help us understand your potential customers better.


Start Ads

Next, we create eye-catching and persuasive advertisements that showcase your products or services, and then place them on social media platforms where your target audience hangs out.


Generate Sale Leads

Lastly, we collect the leads information who genuinely want your product or service, our AI system qualifies them without the need of additional staff to save you time on your end, ensuring your efforts are focused on potential quote-ready clients.

 Get 5-10 Qualified Leads within 30 Days, or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Get 5-10 Quote-Ready Leads

Within 30 Days, or Money Back Guaranteed

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